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Wrapping up for year end

December 6, 2010

Jackie Majka
Senior Manager, Customer Support

Well now that the turkey has been eaten and the 5am (or is it 12am) start of Black Friday is officially over it’s time to start thinking about preparation for the year end close process for your Practice Management System.

I know it seems like just 12 months ago you did this. Strange how quickly those 12 months go by.

While you are still in that Black Friday or even Cyber Monday shopping mood now’s a good time to decide whether you should be purchasing new backup media. If you need to purchase these please visit Professional Office Services, Inc., previously Sage SOLION.

In addition to your backup media it is a good time to review the Year End instructions to start preparing.

We have a new section located on Sage Support Center called the Year End Center. Located here are all the documents you will need for your Practice Management software to either run reports needed at year end or complete the closing process for the year. In addition we have a new Year End Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which lists some of the top questions that Technical Support receives during the year end process.

Happy holidays and a Happy New Year from the Sage Technical Support Department.

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