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Is My Server Running Out of Room?

December 20, 2010

W. Keith Jones
Sage – Senior Customer Support Technician

My wife tells me the trashcan can only hold so much trash. The bathtub can only hold so much water. That Volkswagen can only hold so many college kids. That is true and unfortunately, our servers can only hold so much information too. So, how can you check to see if you’re nearing the limit? This article tells you how.

Our clients have servers from one of two different worlds: Unix/Linux/AIX or Microsoft Windows. I provide a method for checking both. Be sure that you are seated at the server (not a workstation) when you follow these steps.

Checking Free Space on Microsoft Windows
Click on the Start button, then select “My Computer” or “Computer”. (Alternately, you may find an icon on the desktop with this name.) A listing should appear showing all “Hard Disk Drives”. Compare the “Total Size” and “Free Space” columns to come up with a percentage of how full each drive is. While drive C: is the most important drive, other drives should be monitored as well.

Checking Free Space on Unix/Linux/AIX
Follow these steps:

1. Get to an operating system prompt. If you use Sage Medical Manager, you may be able to get to an operating system prompt simply by entering ! (an exclamation point) at any menu.

2. At the prompt (or at the “Enter command:” prompt that appears after entering the !), enter the following:

df -vk (Be sure to enter this command in lower case, and there is a space after the “df”)

You will see a listing of all filesystems (that is, storage areas). Compare the “blocks” (which is the total size) to the “free” or “Available” numbers on each listed filesystem.

Systems approaching 90% usage in any drive or filesystem should be reviewed. If your system seems to be too full, contact Sage Support to help you identify anything that can be cleaned up. You may find that more storage space is needed, or it may be that you have reached the limits of your current system.

Now please excuse me while I go take out the trash…

Wouldn’t it be great if something could check your system regularly and tell someone when your system was getting too full? The Sage Remote Monitoring System (RMS) can do that! This system actually generates a service request for Sage Support automatically when the disk usage reaches a defined threshold. Contact Sage Support to ask how your system can be set up for RMS, usually at no extra cost to you.

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