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New tablet unveiled geared toward healthcare professionals

January 11, 2011

Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show is an elaborate and intriguing spectacle where the world’s technology companies showcase their newest, fastest and most cutting edge products.

One of this year’s most pertinent product debuts for healthcare professionals is Motion’s CL900 tablet, a mobile device geared directly toward the needs of their industry, according to TMCnet.

The tablet – one of many handheld computers hitting the market after the 2010 success of the iPad – is specifically designed for physicians, medical managers and other healthcare staff because it can be safely washed and sterilized.

Motion’s offering is suited for physicians, says TMCnet contributor Tracey E. Schelmetic, because it is a lighter duty product that can be transported easily. The product, weighing about two pounds, costs approximately $1,000 and runs Windows 7 on an Intel Atom processor. Two cameras are also an option on the product, which can be used for video conferencing and documentation of care.

Tablets allow physicians at practices who have implemented electronic health records software to take the technology with them. Health information, charts, images, e-prescription capabilities and other important functions of an EHR can be at the tip of a physician’s fingers.

According to Software Advice, physicians most desire their tablets for lab orders and results, prescription drug reference and notes and memos. Most important in their purchase of a tablet is the product’s ease of use.

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