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Where are My Documents?

May 16, 2011

Written by, Richard K. Crater
Field Engineer IV – Sage

You probably know that if your Sage supported workstation disk fails that Sage will reload the operating system and Sage programs. But did you know that your documents may be missing? In this time of disaster preparedness, let’s take steps to prevent this from happening by backing up your documents using an external device.

USB flash drives (AKA “thumb drives”) are a great way to keep copies of your documents safe. They have a large capacity, are relatively cheap, highly portable, and can be purchased at any office supply store. Figure out what capacity you need and take a shopping trip!

After you insert your USB drive into an available USB port on your workstation, Windows should assign a drive letter to it. Now we can “fill ‘er up” (at a rate much cheaper than your car’s gas tank). Browse to you’re My Documents folder and perform a copy and paste of all your documents to your USB drive. You should remove the drive and keep it in a safe place until the next time you need to refresh it with new versions of those documents. Remember that if there is patient data on that USB drive to keep it in a very secure place lest the HIPAA police come knocking in the dead of night!

 Tip: Keep all your documents in the My Documents folder for easy backup, NOT on your desktop. If you like having direct document access on your desktop, create a shortcut to that document rather than keeping the actual document there.

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