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What is RMS and why should my practice use it?

July 7, 2011

By Bonnie Johnson
Customer Support Technician, Sage

The Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is a free monitoring and management tool available as a value-added benefit from Sage. This service provides proactive support and software updates to customers using Sage products.

RMS monitors your system’s health and performance. The system can provide Sage support personnel with important system status information, diagnose system problems and help prevent issues before they affect your system, such as:

  • Available space on your system’s hard disk
  • CPU usage, allowing Sage to alert you if there are “runaway processes” slowing down system performance
  • Rx EDI errors for ePrescribing customers, warning you if there is a problem with transmissions
  • Backup errors and failures

RMS can also automatically provide software service pack updates to keep your system on the most current version of your software with minimal downtime. You have complete control of when the RMS Automatic Update process is performed. Example updates are:

  • Software patches for known issues
  • EDI formats for new insurance requirements

Who should sign up for RMS?
All Sage customers can benefit from RMS, however practices must have a secure, broadband internet connection in order for RMS to work. Contact Sage at 877-932-6301 to discuss having this valuable product installed on your server(s) or learn more about it on the Sage Support Center.

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