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Why should you balance Sage Medical Manager each month?

September 7, 2011

By Sandi Hardingham                 

Do you spend time at each month end producing valuable financial reports?  What happens to those reports?  Who reviews the information or do they just get filed away?  Did you know that in any month your system can go “out of balance” due to miscellaneous occurrences such as power outages?  The best way to catch and resolve this potential issue is to balance your system on a monthly basis.

 There are 5 essential reports for balancing month end:

  • Guarantor Financial Summary
  • Aging analysis by Practice
  • Overpaid open item
  • System Financial Summary
  • Unapplied credit report

If you are not already balancing your system monthly check out our documentation that  provides you step by step directions on how to perform this task.   It is a simple activity to perform and guarantees that the information in your system is accurate.

How can I obtain additional information?

Check out the solution titled “Balancing Month End Reports” in the solution finder on Sage Support Center. If you need further information, you can log a Service Request within Sage Support Center or call our support desk helpline at 877-932-6301.

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