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Meet the team!

We are so excited to have such a wide range of expertise among our group of blog authors. They will share their insights and experiences on business management-related topics, including technology trends, ERP software and implementation, industry news, best practices, project management, marketing, and so much more!

Introducing our contributors…

Executive Management
Betty Otter-Nickerson, President – Sage Healthcare Division

Scott Rupp, Sage – Sr. Manager of Public Relations
Mary Owen, Sage – Interactive Marketing Manager
Ryan Haygood, Sage – Interactive Marketing Specialist

Customer and Technical Support:
Dave Corbeil, Sage – Customer Support Technician
Richard K. Crater, Sage – Field Engineer IV
Douglas M. Rodgers, Sage – Field Service Manager
Mike Boggan, Sage – Field Engineering
Jackie Majka, Sage – Sr. Manager of Customer Support
Michelle Campbell, Sage – Customer Support Technician
Renee Jenkins, Sage – Customer Support Technician
William “Keith” Jones, Sage – Senior Customer Support Technician
Melanie Mills, Sage – Customer Support Technician

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